Regions Now: Small Animal Reproduction - 14th April 7.30pm

Our next Regions Now course, hosted by our Region, is Small Animal Reproduction with Gary England.

For more information, and to book, please visit the BSAVA website click here >

Hi @Jennie I have signed up to this course but there does not appear to be any material uploaded yet. There is just a link for signing up to the course which I have already done!

Hi @cf1331 :slight_smile:

I have had a look at your bookings and they have two slightly different email addresses on, so your access was set up with the other email address. I have now added this access to this account for you, so you should now be able to view it :slight_smile: It’s only available to those registered to the course and it wouldn’t have shown on this account due to the registration conflicts.

All sorted now for you Charlie!


Thank you @Jennie , I had the email to add the email address but still only seem to have the link for booking the course and none of the material

I’ve emailed you - you should be able to access this directly through this platform, and it should give you the reproduction course as a separate group that you can access.

Direct link is here, but you should now be able to see the content? You might need to log out and back in again :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve got it now! Thank you!!

Oh great! Glad you’re in! :grinning:

Trying to access tonight’s course and having been to another of these courses assumed this link would take me into it, but just seems to go to the title and no obvious route to log in? Please advise how to participate if possible. Thanks, Andrew

Hi Andrew,

I can see you hadn’t registered for it till yesterday - I will get you the details emailed over to you now. Meanwhile, I have added you in to the course and the forum platform so you should now see the course forum appear :slight_smile: Not sure why you didn’t get the circular today :frowning:


Hi. I have not been able to access the previous repro webinars with Gary .could you send me the link please.i enjoyed the quizzes but had to do the questions without prior knowledge! Thanks Helena

Registered last night and had an e mail since about it, but possibly last night was too near time? If so sorry

Thanks Jennie for enabling my participation tonight, and apologies again I’d not spotted this course more promptly.

Did not quite understand how the quiz worked. Unfortunately was on call last night so dipped in and out and missed some of the important login information. Very good webinars which I listened to before the event. Some extra (cats) gained from last night. Thank you to Gary England and the team that put it together.

Morning Helen,

The Reproduction forum can be found below (General access - as you are registered to this course you have access to this forum :slight_smile: )

The thread with the webinars on can be found here:

All of these are on the email that was sent last week (or on registration) with the quick links. If you look at the PDF on the email, these links will take you to the direct pages.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Not at all Andrew :slight_smile: You should have had it all through - I am not quite sure why you didn’t get it! I am glad you got into the live session.

It was recorded and we will get it up in the next couple of days so that you can watch anything you may have missed:)


Hi Ruth!

Glad you managed to get on even for some of it - we have recorded it and will aim to have it up in the next day or two so that you can catch up on anything you missed :slight_smile:

Glad you enjoyed the pre-recorded content! Lovely to hear - I will pass on to Gary.


Thanks, it would nt let me view the content initially but I can access it now!
Cheers Helena

oh great! :slight_smile: Glad you’re in now - enjoy!