Regions Now: Oncology - live date 19th May 7.30pm

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Our next Regions Now course, hosted by our Region, is oncology with Owen Davies.

For more information, and to book, please visit the BSAVA website click here >

Hi! I would have loved to sign up for this course at the time it was on, but was too busy. As a BSAVA member will I be able to access any of the parts of this course now it’s over, even though I wasn’t signed up to attend the live event?

Many thanks

Hi Ruth,

We will upload the live session to the BSAVA library on the next upload, but we don’t have authority to do so with the pre-recorded content which is only available for the short time the course is live.

All the live sessions from past Regions Now courses can be found alongside other webinar content that we have made available to our membership free of charge, and can be found here: Webinar Library | BSAVA Library

Hope that helps!


Brilliant - thanks!