Learn Online: Dentistry for Veterinary Nurses - 3rd December 2021

Learn Online: Dentistry and Dental care for Veterinary Nurses

Start Date : Friday 3rd December 2021
Tutor: Stacey Parker & Sarah Ramsden
Fees: BSAVA Member £120; Non Member £150

This Learn Online course aimed at nurses will focus on dental care that can be given by Veterinary Nurses within schedule 3.
It will cover the dental examination, scale and polist, Anaesthesia and Analgesia as well as looking at getting the best dental radiographs.

Online activities (including quizzes and case studies) will support your learning and discussions on the online forum will be encouraged. We also provide additional resources to complement the course - the ‘BSAVA Bonus Bits’. These will include congress podcast recordings, JSAP and companion articles as well as a free chapter from the relevant BSAVA Manual (as well as a discount voucher for purchasing the whole book).

The first weekly unit will be released on the First Friday of the month, with the next weekly units being released on the following two Fridays. The discussion forum is open for the first three weeks of the course and the course content will remain available for a total of 8 weeks. You can complete the work how and when you choose over these 8 weeks.

Weekly Units:

  1. The oral examination: What am I looking for
  2. Anaesthesia and analgesia for the dental patient
  3. Dental radiography, Scale and polishing, Dentition

Learning Objectives
By the end of this course, participants should be able to

  1. Be aware of how to perform a thorough oral exam in both the conscious and anaesthetised patient
  2. Have the skill set to perform a safe and effective scale and polish 3. Comfortably approach obtaining dental radiographs for both cats and dogs
  3. Understand and be able to manage the major concerns regarding anaesthesia for dentistry
  4. Have a high awareness of appropriate analgesia that can be administered for dental and oral surgery
  5. Understand how, as an RVN they can work within schedule 3
  6. Make tailored home care plans for their dental patients

For more information and to book, please visit: Course Information (bsava.com)